Queer Eye Rapid Fire Questions with Skyler Jay

Queer Eye Rapid Fire Questions with Skyler Jay

1. The best thing that has happened to you this year (2020): Opening my nonprofit Aadya Rising. It’s been a long time dream of mine to open a nonprofit that could help find and fill the gaps within the LGBTQ+ community. I feel so blessed to have met the right team of people in 2020 that have helped me accomplish this huge goal.

2. Your favourite beverage: Dr. Pepper Cream Soda.

3. Your favourite birthday cake: Cookie cake

4. Your favourite city: Atlanta or New York City

5. Name one thing you have learned the hard way? Not to compare myself to other people, especially on social media. Focusing on what others have doesn’t change your own circumstance, only focusing on yourself can.

6. What makes you laugh no matter what? My friends or people falling (but are ok).

7. Best advise you have ever gotten? Was actually given to me by Bobby. That my past and the people in it don’t define me or have to be carried with me. All I need to focus on is what is within my control and that is my present and my future. (Thanks Bobby!)

8. Most gracious response to rejection/career setback? Thank them for the opportunity, and express interest in future endeavours. Ask for feedback when appropriate to improve upon your own self awareness and take on the opportunity to grow personally from the setback.

9. Three qualities that got you where you are today? Resilience, kindness, and stubbornness.

10. Perks of being part of the show? The newly renovated space (I never had nice things before), all the new extended family, and the elevated platform to do LGBTQ+ community work on an increased level/broader scale.

11. What about Queer Eye inspires you most? That it really is about people learning to be their best selves and overcoming the obstacles in their way keeping them from true happiness and authenticity.

12. How has your life changed since the show? I’ve hit several important milestones since the show. I graduated from undergrad and have started grad school. I won a lawsuit against the University Systems of Georgia to remove Trans healthcare exclusions from the 160,000 state employees, the first southern state to do so and only the 8th state in the nation. And I’ve opened a nonprofit, Aadya Rising, that specializes in Trans surgery scholarships, LGBTQ+ support groups, and LGBTQ+ mentorship programs. Pre-COVID I was doing a lot of traveling and speaking sharing my story and  talking on the power of Trans visibility. Now I’m conducting a lot of my life via Zoom like the rest of the world.

13. We obviously LOVE all of the FAB 5, but who if not all, did you have the biggest connection with? I connected with them each over different things in different ways. I check in with them all from time to time but the two I’ve had a lasting deep connection with has been Bobby and Jonathan. But I love them all dearly and am grateful for the role they’ve each played in my life.

14. Other than your own, what was your favourite episode? It’s a tie between Neal’s and Jessica’s episodes. Neal because of how funny he is and the extreme transformation he had. And Jessica because as a Queer person having walked a similar path I relate to her episode the most.

15. What the best lesson you learned from the FAB 5? I learned a lot from the Fab 5 but a lesson that has really stuck with me is one I learned from Karamo, and that is to always show up. Whether it’s at 10% or 110% showing up is important and powerful, and can change minds and hearts.


Skyler kindly provided us with a sneak peek of how the FAB 5's renovation is looking after a few months - we're not surprised, it still looks great! See below for yourself.


Queer Eye Store - Hero Skyler Blog Post Renovations  

Queer Eye Store - Hero Skyler Blog Post Renovations


Queer Eye Store - Hero Skyler Blog Post Renovations


  Queer Eye Store - Hero Skyler Blog Post Renovations 


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