Queer Eye Rapid Fire Questions with Pastor Noah

Queer Eye Rapid Fire Questions with Pastor Noah

Here we go, Queer Eye Rapid Fire Questions with the lovely Pastor Noah -

What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year (2020)? I’m pretty sure that it’s having Season 5 being released and remembering my amazing time with the Fab 5!

What’s your favourite beverage? Tea. Hands down - hot or cold.

What’s your favourite birthday cake? Yes. OK, if I have to pick, I love chocolate with a white buttercream icing and blue trim - for the nostalgia. It's the kind of cake my family would get me as a kid.

What is your favourite city? Philadelphia. It convinced me to stay.

Name one thing you have learned the hard way? That genuine happiness requires a transformation of one’s own self.

What makes you laugh no matter what? Cats being silly - or any animal really. A good joke. Hanging out with friends and sharing good stories.

Best advice you have ever gotten? Always leave a paper trail. When I remember to do this, it has been of great help, especially professionally.

Most gracious response to rejection/career setback? I think that mostly depends on the context and who the person is. In general, I think if it is to be gracious, it needs to be appropriately honest and communicated in a way that the person feels seen and heard, with the appropriate level of continued support, encouragement, and affirmation.

Three qualities that got you where you are today? Loyal - I like being part of a team and I tend to develop a deep sense of loyalty to them.

Perfectionist - This one either gets in the way or gets me in trouble. But it does push me to produce things with at least a desire for quality, if not achieving quality itself.

Connected to those two, Passion. When I am invested, then it's a solid investment. My passion for it becomes a fuel to help me see it through.

Perks of being part of the show? Being on the show, and being part of the whole QE family is a life changing experience. It has encouraged me in my vocation as a pastor, as well has accelerated my own internal healing. I’m still finding my way into this new place in my life, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

What about Queer Eye inspires you most? How the show helps others to see their own beauty that they have hidden from themselves. There is such graciousness and kindness in that. One can see it just from watching the show, and I think it encourages us to all practice that more in our own individual lives.

How has your life changed since the show? In wonderful ways. Most of it, if not all, comes from that moment of beginning to let go of the false judgements that I had held against myself. Dealing with that spills out into other parts of life in wonderful and life-giving ways.

We obviously LOVE all of the FAB 5, but who if not all, did you have the biggest connection with? Do I have to pick? I love them all and I would happily spend more time with any and all of them. They all are very genuine and loving people and I miss them. Now, given that, I think it's fair to say that Karamo and Bobby played very significant roles in that week for me.

Other than your own, what was your favourite episode? That’s tough. I don’t know if I can pick just one, I genuinely have lots of favorites. But if I were to pick one, it would have to go to the first episode that I ever watched: God Loves Gay with Ms. Tammy.

What the best lesson you learned from the FAB 5? Self care and love of self is deeply connected to how we love others. I am reminded that it’s right there in the words of Jesus, “love your neighbor as yourself.” The Fab 5 teach us how to practice that in our own contests.


Pastor Noah kindly provided us with updated images of how the FAB 5's renovation is looking after a few months - Thank you Noah!








Leave us a comment below, let us know who you'd like to see answer the Rapid Fire Questions next & what you have always wanted to know about behind the scenes. Until next time, we hope you enjoyed ✨

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  • One of my favorite episodes was with Pastor Noah. Great read :)


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