Our fave tees and how to style them: a lesson in serving lewks with Lex Horwitz

Our fave tees and how to style them: a lesson in serving lewks with Lex Horwitz

We recently teamed up with the iconic Lex Horwitz to showcase some of our favourite tees from our Official Queer Eye collection.

Lex Pe'er Horwitz (they/them) is a queer, non-binary gender transcendent Jewish human. They are a LGBTQ+ Educator, Activist, Researcher, Writer, Consultant, and Public Speaker based out of Philadelphia where they live with their two fur babies, Saboo and Lady Tooth. Their advocacy focuses on educating people of all ages, backgrounds, and lived experiences--allies and members of the queer community--on LGBTQ+ identities, topics, and issues. Through their advocacy and education, Lex engages folx in critical conversations on gender, sexuality, intersectionality, and community.

As a model, Lex proudly shows up as their authentic self, spreading queer and trans love, pride, and joy for all to see. Check out Lex’s lookbook below!

The Human Tee

No matter our gender, sexuality or color of our skin; we are all human. Our eye-catching magenta Human tee is a celebration of our shared humanity, recognising our commonalities and celebrating our differences. Loud and proud, Lex has styled this with some colorful shorts and sneakers, keeping it casual but spreading kindness and acceptance.

The Choose Kindness

A firm favourite among QE fans is our ‘Choose Kindness’ tee. The FAB 5 choose kindness and spread joy wherever they go. This tee might have a simple design but the message it carries is a powerful one. Simply by donning our Choose Kindness tee, you spread the message of Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby and Antoni wherever you go. Love some color coordination? Why not take a leaf out of Lex’s book and twin the black Choose Kindness Tee with our fabulous Choose Kindness socks- a double dose of joy!

The Yas Henny Tank Top

Lex is rocking a retro vibe on this last look. Our purple Yas Henny tank top is perfect for the summer months, especially while marching for Pride! Lex has matched this with our rainbow head- and wristband set, as well as our ‘choose kindness’ socks.

Stay Connected with Lex

To learn more about Lex, their work, and how you can get involved, check out their website where you can access their free educational resources and explore their queer education and allyship facilitations, workshops, and trainings. Follow Lex on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon to stay connected.

Finally a big shoutout to Lex’s friend Amanda Silberling for shooting these amazing pics! Check out her Instagram here.

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